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Tired of Feeling Frustrated Or Feeling Like You’re Not Enough?


Do you ever feel all Alone in this journey?


If you feel like, that no matter how hard you try to ride well, it's never good enough - you're definitely not alone.

Despite all the equestrian books, videos, on-line teachers and live clinics available today, they are all falling short. With a staggering majority of the horse riding population feeling very similar, it can only mean one thing. 

The Equestrian Education World needs to change, for you!

Our Exclusive Member Area will help you to do just that. With a vibrant and empathetic Community of dedicated and committed riders PLUS on-line, interactive, coaching sessions PLUS brand NEW Learning vidoes EVERY month, you'll learn how to disassociate you and your horse from the Myths and Rules of normal horse training and instead to connect, empathise and truly dialogue with your horse - like as if by Magic.

Because we KNOW that...

you have ALL the potential, inside of you, to become the Equestrian you dream to be!

You WILL truly become an OnPurpose Equestrian with our Exclusive Member Area.

It’s Time To Invest In  Yourself 

With one-on-one guidance and group support, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your inner potential.




Member Area


Learn how to disconnect from the noise around you and tune in to what's happening in your mind, body, and horse. We'll teach you how to:

  • Laser Focus your mind for what you want
  • Connect your thoughts and your body energy through Awareness
  • Align your thoughts, body energy and support energy for True Congruence in Communication
  • Turn that communication into a Dialogue with your Perfect Partner

It’s time to bring out your True Potential FOR your horse.


Join our OnPurpose Equestrian Member Area.

Just a few simple clicks away!


Enjoy the Welcome email series which will guide you through the first few days in the Member Area and let you know what you can expect and how to navigate.

Have a short "look" around the Member Area as you read each email and get to know your way around.


Attend via Zoom our weekly Open Barn Hours. This is a free format session where you can ask any question you may have about

  • the Member Area,
  • the Monthly Content
  • the 4 Step-by-Step "How To" Courses
  • how to successfully and effectively use the Member Area
  • anything to do with your horse and learning



Each month you will watch, review and practice (with your horse) a NEW Learning Video about one of the 4 Equisit Areas of Learning, namely -

  • Mindset Freedom
  • Foundation
  • SEATology™️
  • HIIT for Horses™️




Access, watch and work your way through the 4 Step-by-Step "How To" Courses in the Member Area.

These are exceptional resources for you to pro-actively learn and prepare for your practice, with your horse, and are available to you as part of your Membership in our OnPurpose Equestrian Member Area



Practice, Practice, Practice with your horse so that you can progress, check your learning, develop your skills, meet challenges and generate questions so you can use the online courses and the Community and the Open Barn Hours to solve them.

You are NOT alone!!!


Possible Asymmetry of Rider 

Example #1 - Left / Right - from our SEATology Course

SEATology into HIIT for Horses

Example #2 - from our SEATology Course

OnPurpose Equestrian Community,  included...


This is where you can meet, interact, provide feedback and receive awesome help from fellow OnPurpose Equestrians

You will be able to upload photos, videos, comments and questions. You can discuss your latest highlight, how your own Champion horse is exceeding your expectations and also be able to provide positive support and feedback to OnPurpose Equestrians all around the world - you are amongst a beautiful group of committed and positive horse lovers & riders

All this without the issues and challenges of Facebook or similar non-dedicated platform! No annoying ads or uncomfortable comments

We can’t wait to connect and grow with you!


Bust Myths,
Destroy Limitations,
and Empower the Passion
for horse's and their people around the world.

Tony has been involved with horses for more than 40 years.
A passion for Tony is assisting people to "destroy" the Limiting Beliefs which stop them enjoying the benefits and pleasure of high collected development - his Belief is that anyone can do it.
Why can Tony offer this?
Because in 2017, he had an epiphany which allowed him to crush his own Limiting Beliefs around the same subject and he became obsessed with achieving high school movements for all riders and horses who want it.

Franzi has been involved with horses for over 20 years. In that time, Franzi has developed a deep understanding and empathy for both horses and people in their horse journey, because she has lived and experienced the highs and lows of that process herself.

Tony and Franzi can change the way you view horses both on-ground and riding - they become WAY MORE than mere Horses. It becomes about HOW to attain a mutually beneficial "horse-human" refined communication.

"Mindset Freedom Course..." 

Thank you for the wrap up and encouragement!! There is sooo much to learn from this 10 day challenge by taking the time to listen and trying to apply the principles, I have brought myself to a higher level in my thinking and progression, age is becoming (not quit there yet) a diminishing factor for me. Thank goodness I still have a thinking brain and a body that can still move freely. I also like the fact your program is a principle base program and it works, it may take a few weeks, months and even years to accomplish what I want to become for me and my horse. May God bless you to continue to help me and your other students as well as our equine friends in a positive way."

Lyla Spencer

"Video - How to COUNTER TURN Your Horse On A Straight Line - Practical Riding" 

This chapter I feel was very eye opening. I've done a bit of counter turn b4 and I know just HOW complex the task in this video is. The multitasking of the rider is immense. Here it looks quite easy :) :D But it is inspiring to have something to aim for while practicing the first steps of this combined task."

Hanna Winberg

OnPurpose Equestrian

Member Area...

Is it right for YOU?


Have you ever felt like your riding is missing something? Like no matter how hard you study & practice, you rarely feel fulfilled with your riding?

Do you look for Support, Positive Feedback, Feeling of Belonging?

Do you want a sure-fire way to ENJOY your riding, be connected to your horse, feel like you are "One" with your horse and assist your horse to be Happy, Healthy and Strong?

Do you want to ride High Collected Movements but just do not know how or maybe you believe it is NOT possible?

If you said Yes to any of the above questions, then the OnPurpose Equestrian Member Area is definitely for you!!!

We'll help you understand HOW your horse can be your perfect partner. HOW you can communicate effectively, congruently and empathetically. You will feel like you are "One With Your Horse".

You will know how to have a  Dialogue with your horse and have no wish (and no need) for "making" your horse do things via "Bondage Equipment".

You can remove the use of leaning, pushing, kicking, spurs, bits, tie downs and more. Instead you will have a quiet, almost invisible, communication with your horse's back through SEATology™️ - Let the Magic happen!!

You WILL be able to ride High Collected moves sooner and easier than you Ever thought possible.

Member Area (value 97€ /mth )

  • 1 Instructional video per Month
  • Community Area for support, discussions, Inspiration, Motivation and building Friendships
  • Open Barn Hours - free-format Coaching Q&A, via Zoom, Every Week

PLUS Bonuses of -

Full Access to 4 Step-By-Step "HOW TO" Courses to get you started and give you momentum to your success, includes...

  • Mindset Freedom the KEY to living your Equestrian Dream (value: 1,997€)

  • Foundation the basis of an Awesome communication (value: 1,590€)

  • SEATology™️ the "secret sauce" to your Avatar Riding ( value: 2,180€)

  • HIIT for Horses™️ the perfect progression to transforming your horse into your Superstar ( value: 2,390€)

That is a Total Value of 8,157€ in Bonuses

For ONLY 29.90€ per Month**

that is WAY LESS than 1 cup of Coffee per day...

**(when taken as a Yearly option - 12 Month Super Saver)


Choose Monthly convenience or Save with Yearly...

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  • Access to all weekly Open Barn Hours free-format group support calls
  • Full access to the OnPurpose Equestrian Community
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  • 1 NEW Learning Video every month
  • Access to 3 prior months Learning Videos
  • Access to all 4 Step-by-Step "How To" Courses
  • Access to all weekly Open Barn Hours free-format group support calls
  • Full access to the OnPurpose Equestrian Community
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