"Connection through Collection" Master-Class

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Riders...Find out WHY and HOW to develop the magical connection you have always dreamed about - Feeling like you are "ONE" with your horse.

We show you How to start your journey of Collection - you get actionable steps in the Master-Class!!!

You also get to keep the Master-Class, you can watch it mutiple times and grab all the super knowledge and practice the actions - you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

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Become the OnPurpose Equestrian
you've always dreamed of being.

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Welcome! We are Franzi and Tony, two normal everyday riders with normal everyday horses who decided to believe they COULD ride High Collection and develop happy, healthy, strong horses.

Franzi and I were riders who wanted to achieve a true connection with our horses and to do so without the use of any bondage equipment - the hours of practising we put in led us to developing our own incredible methodologies that we are now sharing with the horse world.

We want to reassure you that this is possible for you too - IF you are passionate, committed and driven to your dream with your horse. You will feel success, freedom, fascination, excitement and fulfilment with every ride,

We want to reassure you that you have ALL the potential inside you and guide you to access that potential..... help believe in yourself and that you really can have oneness with your horse.....

because you CAN achieve your riding dream.


Partnership - Power - Balance - Communication

We are your missing piece - we CAN show you how to achieve true High Collection with your horse. Working with us, whether one to one or through our membership, will enable you to learn how to ride High Collected moves just like you see us do on our Instagram feed.



We are Franzi and Tony and we, like you, had childhood dreams of "supernatural“ connections with our horses. 

Sadly reality and the "horse world“ stole those dreams as we tried to do as the books, instructors, rules said we must..... Because of this, we ended up like so many riders - frustrated, feeling like we had hit a plateau, believing we were not good enough, believing our horses were not good enough.

We soon realised that we were the problem, that we had to UNLEARN those teachings and connect with our horses as partners in this journey, not workers. We achieved Oneness, Fascination, Freedom and Fulfilment with riding. We also achieved a brand new level - riding High Collected moves for health, strength, balance, coordination and harmony.

One of the fundamental differences you'll learn with the Equisit way is that we don't view our horses' behaviour as good or bad, right or wrong - it is simply the behaviour that is created from their physical and mental states. We take the pressure of the "task" off the horse and put it on the person.


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Introducing the Mosaic of Equestrianism.

The mosaic is composed of all the concepts you will need to understand yourself, your horse and your communication. We have broken down and categorised all the (foundational) pieces needed in both yourself and your horse for you to be able to carry out any task you wish to do with your horse.

Rather than simply try to explain a task, we have given you the ingredients and the understanding to be able to "piece together" the result you want and so develop yourself and your horse to any level you wish too.

We have affectionately titled this the Mosaic of Equestrianism. Just like any good Mosaic, you can gather the pieces into almost unlimited combinations and come out with different end results.

This gives YOU the Freedom to do as you wish to do, and the Fascination of allowing your horse to develop into the Shining Diamond nature intended it to be.

Do you want to ride High Collection but have been told you or your horse
"doesn't have what it takes"?

You CAN do High Collection! Introducing our unique HIIT for Horses™️ practice which builds the Strength, Balance, Stability, Coordination, Muscle, Health and Happiness required for High Collection. Everyone says it feels and looks like Magic - we are so excited to show you!

Very often, normal Collection development talks a lot about -

- the relationship - the strength building - the sensitivity of the horse - the rider being "refined" - the horse shifting weight to the HQ - the horse lifting the front - the horse building muscle - the rider being "one" with the horse - the horse as the "Happy Athlete"

However, this is very often NOT what happens... the Reality is so often VERY different to the description and this is why we have explored other paths and why we are so enraptured with what we have developed.


Are you eager to learn how become "one" with your horse?


IMAGINE  If every time you ride, it feels like you are melding with your horse, as if her legs are just an extension of your own and everything you do is reflected in your horse’s movements.

Once you learn how to communicate with your horse using Congruent Body and Support Energy, you are truly “ONE” with your horse.

We will give you the KEYS and we “turn the lock” for you to unleash freedom, excitement and fulfillment in every ride!

Introducing our unique teaching method - SEATology™️. This is our proprietary method - this is how you learn to truly be the rider your horse needs you to be, how to SEAT yourself so that your horse enjoys having you on their back. Learn how to be the "best load to carry" for your horse. It's truly eye-opening!

Once you become the best load for your horse to carry, it means your truly aligned and suddenly the tiny changes you make are felt by your horse so you truly become one and they can respond easily to your intentions. We call this "Avatar" riding - it's incredible!








achievable, beautiful connection with your horse - it's all about changing you not your horse.

It's time to quieten all that noise to give your horse the chance to listen to you and you to them - properly. We're going to ask you to FORGET everything you've learned.

Are you ready?

Clear - Conscious - Congruent - Communication

Clear - Conscious - Congruent - Communication

We need to onboard you to our holistic approach of developing the human first and the horse second.

We take the focus off the horse and stop judging and blaming the horse and put the responsibility on the person. Then we develop the person to where they Dialogue with their horse instead of "training“ the horse. Dia - means two - this isn't a monologue - this communication is two-way.

Fulfilment with horses, freedom to fully connect, inter-species communication, the feeling of oneness, feeling togetherness, understanding and connection.

Ready to have more fun? A better connection? More purpose instead of focussing on the "must haves“?

Membership Site - 24 Hour FREE Trial

As an Equisit Way of Life Member you are part of a growing Community of horse enthusiasts who want to change the horse world by changing themselves first and their horse second.
You, and the other Members together, are concerned with your own Personal Growth & Development and in doing so, you will be Destroying Limiting Beliefs so that you can Empower your own Horse Journey toward your Dreams.




  • At Equisit, Mindset is the priority
  • We offer a full curriculum of Mindset, Foundation, SEATology & HIIT for Horses
  • We believe that High Collection is available for all horses and all riders
  • The dream of Oneness Riding is available and encouraged
  • We advocate for the removal of Bondage Equipment
  • We are completely non-judgemental
  • We help you awaken your original dreams and show you the path to reach them
  • We will open your eyes and ears to the myths and lies of the horse world and give you the tools to make informed, self authentic decisions on what you do and how you do with your horse and as a result you will achieve true relationship fulfilment with your horse
  • We help you foster congruent communication with your horses which leads to Dialogue
  • We show you to how to allow your horse to express their thoughts
  • Our students' horses experience noticeable muscle growth and health improvements



Are you ready to find the “right” guide to help you?

IMAGINE that your perfect guides are in your hand and available at the speed light whenever you need them.

We have been where you are and so we are your perfect guide on a journey that's proven to work time and again. We are empathetic, positive, knowledgeable, experienced and supportive and we are always available to help through our Online Membership & Personal Coaching - right at your fingertips and in your arena when you need us.

Happy, Healthy,  Strong Horses

Are you ready for a community of horse-lovers just like you to accompany you on your journey?

IMAGINE being part of a super supportive community of aware, like minded and progressive equestrians who are believing in you and your horse (even if you don’t yet).

You are NOT alone...Our OnPurpose Equestrian Community is here for you and we have Equestrians at varying levels of development so you can be supported by those at your level and inspired by those a little further ahead.

How you will benefit from our Equisit Way of Life methodologies

  • Benefit #1: Two Coaches for the price of 1; Tony & Franzi coach their students together, bringing you the benefit of 2 sets of eyes and a massive amount (60+ combined years) of knowledge and experience
  • Benefit #2: Two languages are available - English and German, providing you with more flexibility and comfort
  • Benefit #3: Been there, done that. Tony & Franzi can help to short cut your development time, reducing or removing the "trial and error" process. They can coach you through turbulent times because they have experienced the highs and lows of horses and life during their horse journey AND their personal journey. They know how you feel to not have enough time, not have enough knowledge, feel not good enough, feel mis-understood, feel overwhelmed, feel frustrated, feel powerless AND to feel the exhilaration of improvement and success
  • Benefit #4: Unique FULL Spectrum understanding - skills and experience from foals to young horses to developing partnerships through to specialisation - including starting under saddle, foundational development and onto high school. Tony & Franzi understand and teach the processes at all levels
  • Benefit #5: You have access to the unique knowledge and understanding of the almost "mystical" connection and influence a rider can have with their horse through the EQUISIT SEATology™️ program. Tony developed this program through many hours of studying the theory of riding from old masters to modern teachers as well as countless hours of video analysis of riders. He then testing the theories on horseback and finding out that much of what is written (and taught) about HOW to ride is incorrect, often ineffective and even completely un-useable for True Connection with a horse. This concept of True Connection, the horses showed him. Now you too can learn HOW to influence your horse with True Connection and not just gimmicky "support energy" and weight shifts and kicking lower legs.
  • Benefit #6: You learn at your own pace. There is no "set timetable", you are free to do as much or as little as you can. Tony & Franzi support you at your level and cater for beginners to intermediate to high level specialisation
  • Benefit #7: Options for Coaching - Live with horse at your arena (via internet and Pivo) or no horse (via internet in your own home); we can handle them all for you