Meet Franzi and Tony

The Founders of the
Equisit Way of Life.

For sure, you already know that non-horse people just cannot understand this, right?



Maybe we should also consider what EQUISIT is NOT (just) -
It is not just fixing horses
It is not just attaining goals
It is not just foundation horsemanship
It is not just riding
It is not just on-ground
It is not just horse training
It is not just horse management
It is not just dressage
AND for sure
It is just NOT for everyone!

If you are still reading, here are some thoughts for you -
Do you dream of having a Special Relationship with your horse?
Do you want to feel like you are "One" with your horse?
Do you want to feel Connected with your horse?
If you said Yes to any or all of the above, then you are on the right page.
At Equisit, we firmly believe that our horses want the same with us. They want to be Connected, they want be Special, they want to be "One" with us.
But HOW?
Great Question!

Our horses are so much a mirror of us. They reflect our very own thoughts, feelings and actions.
So, they are in fact a "product" of our habits and our behaviours.
In so doing, they have the ability to let us see ourselves as we are and they then assist us to change for the better, if we LET them.
So, this also means, our horses can only ever be "as good" as we ourselves are!
Our horses provide us with the opportunity to improve ourselves first and so then we are able to improve our horses too.


Will you accept this Opportunity?


Our aim at EQUISIT is to be the conduit, the inspiration, the education and the motivation for your growth and improvement.

We wish for you everything that you want and dream about and we want to help you achieve it.

Our passion at EQUISIT is developing horse enthusiasts into Constant and Never-Ending Improvement People, for horses.
It becomes the Way Of Life.


Who is EQUISIT ?

We are Tony Lander & Franziska Hertelendy.
Bust Myths,
Destroy Limitations,
and Empower the Passion
for horse's and their people around the world.

Tony has been involved with horses for more than 40 years. Learning, Studying and Teaching Horsemanship (HMS) for 27 years. In the last 5 years, Tony has gone on to develop his own unique formula for success with horses and their human which is a melding of HMS and High School Riding bridging the gaps between Mental, Emotional and Physical Balance.
The "secret sauce" which Tony adds to all riders is his own creation named SEATology™️.
A passion for Tony is assisting people to "destroy" the Limiting Beliefs which stop them enjoying the benefits and pleasure of high collection development - his Belief is that anyone can do it.

Why can Tony offer this??

Because in 2017, he had an epiphany which allowed him to crush his own Limiting Beliefs around the same subject and he became obsessed with achieving high collected movements for all riders and horses who want it.


has been involved with horse for over 20 years. In that time, Franzi has developed a deep understanding and empathy for both horses and people in their horse journey, because she has lived and experienced the highs and lows of that process herself. Franzi made a life changing decision in her late twenties, ignoring her training as a Physiotherapist and instead making the learning and teaching of Human / Horse Development a full time career.
Tony and Franzi can change the way you view horse "training" and horse "riding" lessons - they become WAY MORE than mere "training" or "riding". They are about HOW to attain a mutually beneficial "horse-human" refined communication.

Tony's Early Life

Tony's childhood did not include horses in the physical sense, but he sure dreamed about them from as early as he can remember. His family had a home on the edge of a waterway and so no facility for horses.
In fact no-one in his family was even interested in animals - Tony was almost a "black sheep".
It was only ever rarely that Tony was able to "steal" a ride, if a kind local girl might lead him on her pony.
His infatuation for horses had to remain "under-covers" until finally, at 19, he was able to buy his own horse because he had his own money, as he had started a job in the computer industry.
His first horse was an ex-pacer, called Prince, who tended to "run-away" with him on most rides and Tony would fall off reasonably regularly - maybe not the best introduction to horses?
However, Tony persisted for years and though knowing very little about horses generally, he started to breed Arabian horses...
Then he met Pat Parelli and everything changed.

Franzi's Early Life

Franzi's childhood also did not include horses in the physical sense, however from as young as 5, she had already felt a bit different from other kids around her because she had a deep connection and draw to nature.

She describes herself as constantly thinking about being in nature with horses, so the passion had started!
After nagging her parents for a horse for a good long while, they finally succumbed and bought her, wait for it, 2 rabbits!!

By the time Franzi was 10 years old, she had been able to have some riding lessons at a local stable - however, this was a bit of a nightmare. The stables were dark, with small boxes, unhappy horses, scary rides and some bucking-off all along with teachers who yelled a lot. The "trauma" from these episodes caused Franzi to take a short "holiday" from horses.
Fortunately, 3 years later, Franzi met a nice Palomino which the owners allowed Franzi to care for and develop with. From this sweet couple, came an introduction to Parelli Horsemanship and Franzi was then "hooked". She devoured DVDs, attended courses and developed her skills to where she could ride the Palomino bareback and bridle-less as well as play on ground at liberty.
Franzi's passion and almost obsession, with horses created a dilemma for the teenager - her school grades dropped and she also ceased a relatively promising tennis competition program - both of which her parents were not happy about.
Then came a sad day, the Palomino was moved - to a large Arabian Stud. Franzi fortuitously visited the place and fell in love with an Arabian foal, subsequently purchasing it as a yearling. So started a long and sometimes difficult journey with Casper. The difficulty came because Casper seemed to always be sick and had several conformation challenges. Especially difficult was his unwillingness to put effort into any task, which caused all Franzi's instructors to tell her to "use higher phases", "more energy", "more whip", none of which helped much and episodes left Franzi feeling like a "cruel and spiteful owner".
There were many nights of crying and reflection after yet another "higher energy" session with little good results.
Something HAD to Change...

Tony's Career

Tony became a devoted Parelli student and also one of Pat's top Instructors, teaching in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and USA.
However, in 2002 Tony felt he needed to spend more time, at home, raising his young sons and so he resigned from Parelli and made a career change, buying a franchise shop - that was a "bad" decision!!!

He felt like his horse dream was disappearing and his life was wasting.

So, he sold the shop, and grudgingly worked again in the computer industry for a short time.
However the "call" of his horse dream was strong and he started the International Horsemans Institute, a program for horse people to develop their Foundational Horsemanship.
As good as this was, Tony was still unsettled. He wanted much more from himself and for himself.
He also wanted to be able to deliver far more for and to his existing students and future students.

He felt restricted, as though the HMS industry had created "glass ceilings" for people, preventing them from progressing to higher levels of horsemanship by constantly pushing them to "get a better foundation"
He wanted to "break through the glass ceiling" of foundational horsemanship.
He wanted to ride harmoniously with super refinement AND to ride collected movements AND to be able to do it on ANY Horse and to help ANY rider to achieve it as well...

Franzi's Career

Franzi, after leaving school, studied Health Management and Physiotherapy at University though she was not fully convinced that a corresponding career was what she wanted.

Horses were still a huge draw for her, so she also started a Horsemanship Instructor Education Program in 2014.
During this time Franzi and Tony met at several courses Tony ran in Germany and Franzi was impressed and influenced by Tony's approach to "people training" as well as the Horsemanship he presented.

Franzi completed her Bachelor Degree in October 2016, and on the same day, flew to Australia to study with Tony for 3 months full-time at his ranch.

This was a turning point for Franzi as it was in Australia that she made the big decision to follow her dream of horses Full-Time. So when she returned to Germany she started teaching Horsemanship as her career.
In 2017 Tony and Franzi began a collaboration and developed Equisit - Horses Improving People which has a specific focus on developing the Person first, so that they can then develop their horse in a more harmonious, empathetic and productive way.

However, there was still something missing for each of them...

A Tony's Health

In August 2011, health became an urgency.
Tony was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and operated on immediately; the surgeon said it should be fine - it wasn't.

Over the next 3 years, Tony's cancer developed to Stage IV, into the bones and his life-expectancy was maybe 3 years.

Options were discussed, none of which suited Tony, as he wanted "alternate" solutions. He researched countless books, videos, journals and settled on Cannabis Oil as his choice.

Rick Simpson is the author who Tony read and he then followed Rick's protocol.
Long story short, the Cannabis Oil totally stopped the spread of cancer and REVERSED the tumours to NONE, completely clear on the scans in 2016!!!
This was the signal to Tony that he had been "given another chance" at life. He decided that he HAD to live his dream of finding what he was missing in riding - the Riding Art. No longer could he ignore the ache inside him to ride high collected moves in a super refined communication and so started the "journey of discovery".

NEW Tony, NEW Life

After the clear scans, life "began again" for Tony.
So since 2017, Tony has been "on a journey" studying High School riding and developing his expertise into a program which:

Busts Myths around horses and riding
Destroys Limitations which hold riders back AND Empowers Riders allowing any rider to discover HOW to influence their horse with virtually "invisible" cues from their seat.

He named this method EQUISIT SEATology™️ and it has already helped people by delivering thousands of more productive, effective and harmonious riding hours for his students and their horses.

Franzi's & Tony's Alignment

Tony & Franzi began discussing their dreams about horses with each other. They found that their ideals and dreams about horse handling, development and levels of expertise were very closely aligned. Both wanted a "better way" through the focussed development of the person first, as the main responsibility.

Above this, they both wanted to develop and ride horses to the High Collected movements for pleasure AND for the horse's mental, emotional and physical well being. Besides their own individual dreams to ride High Collection, Casper is also a driving force for their development into this area as his conformation does not lend easily to High Collection. Yet it has made an incredible difference to him mentally as well as his physicality and way of moving. Now he needs WAY LESS support energy while also experiencing much more balance and beauty.
In what, at times, felt like an endless and fruitless search for a "mentor" to learn High School Riding they finally met Sonja Leitenstern. To "fast-track" their learning, they moved themselves and their horses to Sonja's for 5 months intensive study and each took 4 lessons per week. The change in both horses was phenomenal, reaching the beginnings of Piaffe, Passage, School Halt, School Canter, Mezair and more.
They now had belief that they were definitely on the "right track". They had both successfully Destroyed their own Limitations, they were Empowered and so EQUISIT Way Of Life was born.
Now, Tony & Franzi are fully involved in developing, promoting and teaching EQUISIT Way Of Life for the mutual benefit of people and horses.

Personal Life Together

Tony and Franzi have an exceptional life together.
They spend almost every minute of each day together as they develop and progress Equisit to allow them to serve more and more horse people around the world at the highest level.

They spend their time between Australia and Germany and have several horses in each country. Their approach to business is simple, find the best solution for the client and their horse. With increasing availability and adaptability of virtual technology, almost anyone, anywhere can be supported in their journey to their dreams.

Their approach to life is also simple, "Life is Short - Enjoy it all" - to this end, Growth and Development are "the responsibility of and to ourselves".
Together Franzi & Tony support and develop each other in almost all areas of life including:
Self Development, via programs like Lifebook, Wildfit, Tony Robbins
Business Development with help and guidance from Russell Brunson, Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Eric Edmeades, Myron Golden
Horse Development from experts such as Pat & Linda Parelli, Mary Wanless, Sonja Leitenstern



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Benefits Of Learning With Equisit

What is unique about EQUISIT
  • Benefit #1: Two Coaches for the price of 1; Tony & Franzi coach their students together, bringing you the benefit of 2 sets of eyes and a massive amount (60+ combined years) of knowledge and experience
  • Benefit #2: Two languages are available - English and German, providing you with more flexibility and comfort
  • Benefit #3: Been there, done that. Tony & Franzi can help to short cut your development time, reducing or removing the "trial and error" process. They can coach you through turbulent times because they have experienced the highs and lows of horses and life during their horse journey AND their personal journey. They know how you feel to not have enough time, not have enough knowledge, feel not good enough, feel mis-understood, feel overwhelmed, feel frustrated, feel powerless AND to feel the exhilaration of improvement and success
  • Benefit #4: Unique FULL Spectrum understanding - skills and experience from foals to young horses to developing partnerships through to specialisation - including starting under saddle, foundational development and onto high school. Tony & Franzi understand and teach the processes at all levels
  • Benefit #5: You have access to the unique knowledge and understanding of the almost "mystical" connection and influence a rider can have with their horse through the EQUISIT SEATology™️ program. Tony developed this program through many hours of studying the theory of riding from old masters to modern teachers as well as countless hours of video analysis of riders. He then testing the theories on horseback and finding out that much of what is written (and taught) about HOW to ride is incorrect, often ineffective and even completely un-useable for True Connection with a horse. This concept of True Connection, the horses showed him. Now you too can learn HOW to influence your horse with True Connection and not just gimmicky "support energy" and weight shifts and kicking lower legs.
  • Benefit #6: You learn at your own pace. There is no "set timetable", you are free to do as much or as little as you can. Tony & Franzi support you at your level and cater for beginners to intermediate to high level specialisation
  • Benefit #7: Options for Coaching - Live with horse at your arena (via internet and Pivo) or no horse (via internet in your own home); we can handle them all for you

Membership Site - 14 Days FREE Trial

As an Equisit Riding Art Member you are part of a growing Community of horse enthusiasts who want to change the horse world by changing themselves first and their horse second.
You, and the other Members together, are concerned with your own Personal Growth & Development and in doing so, you will be Destroying Limiting Beliefs so that you can Empower your own Horse Journey toward your Dreams.

Tony & Franzi serve up 1 NEW teaching video EVERY Month;
PLUS as a Bonus -
you get FULL access to their 4 Signature Courses.
These are Step-by-Step "How To" Courses which will unleash you inner Equestrian Hero and Transform your horse into your True Superstar. Courses are -

  • OnPurpose Mindset Freedom - the key to Living your Equestrian Dream
  • OnPurpose Foundation - basis Communication with your horse
  • OnPurpose SEATology™️ - secret sauce to Avatar riding
  • OnPurpose HIIT for Horses™️ - high level gymnastics and strength building

VIRTUAL / LIVE Combo Packages

Horse Riding Lessons

Horse Training Lessons

Personal Development Coaching

Do you have limited time or limited budget, and let’s face it, who doesn’t?

If you own a horse, you have plenty of priorities all vying for your precious time and money, right?

The reality is that you also have a dream, a wish, a want to be better than you currently are with your riding and / or with your horse in general.

If we are geographically challenged (this is just fancy words for you & us living a long way apart) you do NOT have to be disadvantaged.
We have got the perfect solution for you.

You can receive all the guidance and support you need, right in the comfort of your own home. That’s right, we can “beam in” to your lounge room via the ingenuity of the internet. We call this Virtual Coaching.

Heck, we can even Coach you LIVE while you ride your horse if you want too!!!

So, there are no more excuses…everything is available to help you Reach Your Horse Goals, NOW.
Just press the blue button below to schedule an Obligation FREE Consultation at your convenience.


The Equisit Riding Revolution YouTube Channel

Our Passion - Empowering Riders, Busting Myths and Destroying Limitations for every horse & rider who want more.

More What?...
More in their relationship and want to feel Empowered in their own Riding Ability.

We want to Bust Myths which abound in the horse world about horses, riding, people's ability, equipment and to give back useful, relevant, logical explanations around those myths so we as horse people can know and feel we are doing the very best for our horses and ourselves.

We will help to Destroy Limitations, help to change Limiting Beliefs and so thereby fuel riders desire and ability to achieve of their goals.

Why can we do this?
Simply because we, in the past, have been in held back by Myths and Limiting Beliefs which caused us to feel dis-empowered in our horse journey, even though we had a deep down burning Passion to excel. So we have been there, and we Busted through the Myths and the Limitations then onto Empowerment - now we want to help you to do the same,
Enjoy our channel, subscribe today.

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Would You Like Specific Help From Equisit?

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You Live or On-Line

  • Live Consulting: $4,000 per day plus travel, accommodation and meals - both Tony & Franzi will consult with you - 2 Coaches for the price of one
  • Virtual Consulting: 2-2-1 - $2500 per day - covers both Tony & Franzi
  • Speaking Engagements: $3500 plus travel, accommodation and meals

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